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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  March 11, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. it's one of the five largest earthquakes to have occurred in modern history. >> a catastrophic one-two punch, a monster earthquake unleashed a ferocious tsunami on japan. cars and homes swept away by a violent wall of water, now help is on the way.
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>> for our japanese friends whatever assistance is needed. >> and as rescuers scramble to find survivors, another danger looms. fox 5 is covering every angle of this disaster. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. in japan it is now noon on what will be a very long day. the death toll stands in the hundreds. we'll continue to rise -- will continue to rise. rescue aides are rushing to survivors. >> there has been a state of emergency declared at two nuclear power plants. massive evacuations are underway as workers struggle to prevent meltdowns. fox 5's roz plater has our coverage tonight. >> reporter: radioactive levels have surged to about 1,000 times the normal level and some 14,000 people are being told to evacuate and they're telling people as far as 16 miles away to stay indoors. daylight and the devastation is in clear focus, massive fires
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spill spewing thick black smoke into the sky and there is trouble at two nuclear plants about 170 miles northeast of tokyo. the quake knocked out the plant's cooling systems. the u.s. air force has rushed in coolant. still japanese officials say they may have to release vapor that's slightly radioactive. thousands nearby have been evacuated. evacuations began about 3:00 in the noon the day before along northeast japan's coastal area when an 8.9 quake struck, one of the large nest modern times. buildings shook, then collapsed trapping some in the rubble. chaos reigned as thousands ran for cover and fires broke out up and down the coast, the worst in refineries and if that wasn't enough, then a tsunami struck, a 23-foot powerful wall of water sweeping away everything in its path, homes, cars, even ships. it may be days before we know the numbers, but as many as 1,000 are believed dead, tens
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of thousands injured. in the aftermath millions are without power. communication and phone lines are down, travel out but impossible. trains no longer running, flights delayed and canceled, airports a temporary home for stranded passengers, many of them foreigners. >> it happened about an hour before we landed. so we didn't know anything about it until the pilot said we can't land in narita, but been very little information here, nobody seems to know anything. it's a bit chaotic. >> reporter: meanwhile the first shipments of aid and supplies are arriving. soldiers are unloading boxes and getting them where they're needed. all this now as those aftershocks continue. some of them are as strong as 6.0, sill very, very powerful. >> -- still very, very powerful. >> the trouble with the nuclear power plants makes you wonder about the power situation this in japan. >> they're being warned they could be without power for quite a while. about 1/3 of that country's power is generated by nuclear
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tension and when the earthquake struck another 10 or so power plants should down automatically. it could be a long time. president obama expressed condolences for the victims in japan and said help from the u.s. is on the way. a second aircraft carrier is headed to japan to join the one already there. the defense department is also working to act for the american soldiers stationed in the country. -- account for the american soldiers stationed in the country. >> the dense department is working to account for all -- defense department is working to account for all of our military personnel in japan. the u.s. embassy personnel have moved to an offsite location and we are working to assist any and all a americans in the country. >> the president is -- all americans in the country. >> the president is urging all people on the west coast to take evacuations seriously. the fairfax county search and rescue team is now on a mission to help find survivors. fox 5's audrey barnes as their story.
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>> reporter: 74 members of virginia task force one are gearing up for another search and rescue mission. jobs like this are in 4-year- old racker's dna. >> it's really the nose, but they are genetically comfortable on -- over uneven difficult terrain like rubble. >> reporter: six canine teams are making the trip to japan. sore three doctors, paramedic -- so are three doctors, paramedics, even structural engineers like sean kennedy. when she heard the words earthquake and tsunami, his wife michelle knew he'd get the call to go. breaking the news to their four kids is never easy. >> you know it's coming. you know what to expect. still worry, but you don't worry as much because you know to that they're in good hands. >> reporter: and they're well equipped. 31 tons of gear including four inflatable boats for swift water rescues. each team member can only pack
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70 pounds of gear. it has to be enough to keep them going for 14 days. once they get to japan this fairfax crew will waste no time getting to what they do best. >> trying to find people will be our main job. so we'll hit the ground running with two teams operate 24 hours, 12 hour shifts. >> reporter: they hope to find even more survive than they did in haiti last year. >> the team found i believe it was 16 live people and rescued them and some of the rescues, the men worked really many, many hours to extricate them. it's just a wonderful feeling. it's why we do this, to try and help and make a difference. >> reporter: audrey barnes, fox 5 news. dr. joseph barbara, codirector of the gw institute for crisis disaster and risk management joins us tonight. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> this earthquake is the worst disaster japan has seen in years. we know the rescue teams are facing a monumental task. you would have been with them
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typically because you're part of the virginia search and rescue team. how do you even begin to figure out where to saturday? >> in this kind of overwhelmly massive impact you have to start making some calculations of where the biggest compacts were, where the most populated areas and particularly populated buildings were at the time of the impact and you start out with a sort of recon looking at buildings and then they move in more to a search mode and wide area search mode and focus on likely places, but these are huge areas this struck, both the earthquake and then the tsunami and there really is a huge amount of work ha needs to be done very -- that needs to be done very rapidly. >> we just heard last word the phone lines are down it. transportation at best is sketchy. how do you communicate once you get over there? >> the task force has worked closely worked for the local and national rescue effort and so we're typically met by them and i expect that to happen because japan is a very organized country and very prepared for these sort of things, but we carry our own
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communication gear to be able to put up repeaters and have our communication task force as it operates closely with the local rescue force we're working with, but it's another one of those problems you have to think about ahead of time. >> as you mentioned, you were part of the virginia's search and rescue team. you told me earlier the last rescue you were part of the rescue for was haiti, but you were also there in 2004. compare this 8.9 quake that had overnight to the one that happened in indonesia in 2004 that killed 230,000 people. >> i think the size of the quakes were very similar. the tsunami that came ashore in the northern part of the province was actually much higher than this one, but equally devastating. they had the advantage perhaps there in much of indonesia that the land became steep and fairly rapidly stopped the tsunami. here it looked hike just the
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same as there -- like just the same as there in the city itself where there's a large amount of very shallow beach and very shallow land. so that tsunami penetrated very deeply into it. so they're equally devastating and our heart goes out to the japanese. >> in addition to your position at gw with crisis disaster and risk management, you are also a medical physician. once you get over there and start rescuing people and you see what they're going through, oftentimes i'm going to assume the hospitals are down. how are you able to treat the people? how do you make provisions to deal with these situations? >> well, we're trained and equipped to be able to go into the rubble with the rescue team and access the patient and begin treating right there. many of these patients are critically injured and the act of extricating them can exacerbate some of these injuries like crush syndrome. so the task force is prepared with a medical capability to treat patients and to treat injured task force members or other rescuers as fast as they
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can be accessed, but the healthcare system in japan is exceptionally good. they've learned a lot since their massive urban earthquake in the 1990s and i think that the medical infrastructure there will probably have held up pretty well. >> doctor, we certainly wish your team headed over there the best. thank you for coming in tonight. we appreciate your describing what it's like to be over there. >> thank you very much. people with loved ones in japan are waiting for any news on how they're doing. others here in d.c. are working to ease the struggle for victims trying to recover doing what they can from thousands of miles away. fox 5's beth parker has that part of the story. >> hi, how are you? >> reporter: at sushi taro in northwest d.c. they opened for lunch and japanese music filled the room l. the kitchen was buzzing like -- room. the kitchen was buzzing like always, but their minds are elsewhere. hostess kyomi ward was still waiting to hear from family and friends in japan.
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her relatives are outside tokyo, far away from where the tsunami hit. she thinks they're safe. even so -- >> i feel very, very devastated because i mean if they were just happen to be right there and wash away just like that. >> reporter: ward grew up dealing with earthquakes. she has felt several but nothing like this. >> kind of a little shaky, earthquake, not big ones, but kind of usual. >> reporter: downtown at the red cross this room at the domestic disaster operations center had a few staff members in it yesterday. today 100 people. >> we activated this morning at 8 a.m. and we'll be activated at least through 8 p.m. tonight. >> reporter: they watched the ripple effect of the tsunami from early morning all day long. >> when we think about the states, we've got to remember our territories out in the pacific. we spent time this morning from about 2:00 on talking to the northern marianas islands, guam, hawaii, so he mow 0 and now our folk -- somoa and now
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our focus is on the west coast. we have our mass care component with feeding and shelter is, our mental health and health -- shelters, our mental health and health services. >> reporter: for now it appears the u.s. and its territories are not as bad as it could have been. japan cannot say the same. kyomi ward was able to reach some of her family members this afternoon. she got a chance to speak with them and to hear that they are all right, but since she talked with them, of course, there have been more aftershocks and other quakes. this time right in the town where she live outside tokyo, so she is once again left wondering whether her loved ones are okay. in northwest beth parker, fox 5 news. the tsunami in japan made its way to hawaii, but the waves are not as bad as expected. 11-foot waves wash ad shore on the big island. the beaches in oahu, maui and waikiki were all swamped. there were no reports of major
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damage. in california one man was washed out to sea while trying to photograph an incoming wave. at last check the coastguard was still trying to locate him. others living along the california coastline are in evacuation shelters. most beaches are closed as a precaution. stay with fox 5 throughout the evening for continuing coverage of this enormous tragedy. we will post updates as we get them both on air and online, the place to go. we also have a link available if you're searching for loved ones overseas. just click on japan quake in the hot topics bar. another big story tonight, no deal in the nfl labor talks. now the players association has decertified, several stars have already filed lawsuits. what does it all mean? we'll break it down coming up next. obviously the wrong video there.  my "me time" is when i thought i parked on level 2.
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16 days of negotiations with a federal mediator, not enough for the nfl and players union to find common ground. habe talks officially broke down hours before the -- labor talks officially broke down hours before the collective bargaining agreement was set to expire and the union has
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decertified. lindsay murphy to join us and tell us what that means. >> it means a lot of things, brian. it means the union dissolved. they will no longer represent the players in collective bargaining. by doing that the players union has cleared the way for class action lawsuits against the nfl for anti-trust violations. anti-trust laws are meant to protect competition in the marketplace. for instance, tom brady and payton mang are two of many players who -- payton manning are two of many players who have already filed suit against the nfl and filed requests for a court order to keep the nfl from locking them out. we turn to wisdom martin who has much more on this. >> reporter: after 17 days at the bargaining table the owners and players walked away with no labor deal. >> we certainly were candidly taken back that our proposal around the type of thing we were doing was not met with a level of acceptance that we had
10:18 pm
thought it would be. >> i call upon the national football league to do one simple thing, show us the financial justification for opting out of this deal. meet us halfway as your business partner. >> during that two week period the union's position on the core economic issues has not changed one iota. their position has basically been take it or leave. it. >> reporter: now the court battles begin. several players have filed anti- trust lawsuits in hopes of stopping the lockout by the owners. >> ultimately this is going to be negotiated at the negotiating table. they've chosen to pursue another strategy and that is their choice. >> reporter: attorney cyrus meery says both sides should take some time and cool off. he said in the end the objective of litigation is to get both sides back to the bargaining table in hopes of finding a resolution so the games will be played in the fall. >> in the end of the day the commonality is bigger than the differences, but what is going to be the pain between here and there? what disruption is going to be
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between here and there? what kind of uncertainty, we don't know that yet. >> i have always known of this possibility and knew it when i just spent a billion two to build that stadium and i didn't plan on not paying football in it. >> basically the nfl wants an extra billion off the top of this revenue to put back in their businesses. the players union said we won't give you that until you open your books. the union said until you show us the books we aren't signing any deal. that's basically what it is. until they see the numbers they're not signing anything. >> it's hard to feel sorry for anybody in this, but you talked to some fans and fans obviously, some more than others, have vested interest in this. >> they love the game and don't understand. when you talk to any fan, they don't understand how billionaires can be arguing with millionaires over millions and billions. tonight we hit the streets and talked to some fans about this situation with football and here's what they had to say. >> i really think they're not taking the fans into account
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for all this. they're all thinking about themselves. what i think really is going to happen is jerry jones has got a big bill for that stadium. i think when he caves in, we got an agreement. >> i think they're all a bunch of damn fools, all i got to say. >> there's so much money involved. what are they trying to mess that up for? >> they both come to the table, come to an agreement. everybody loves football, you know. >> reporter: you surprised they got to this point? snooks actually. >> we don't -- >> exactly. >> we don't know it got this far. >> we don't know if players will get locked on the or miss any games. this could take months or possibly years if it goes to court. >> it comes down to a trust issue. the union doesn't trust the owners. the owners don't trust the union. they wanted to see those books. the owners said we'll show you some of it, not all of it and the union says we want it all. >> understandable. >> yes, but today when we were down there you heard some of the owners say this wasn't an angry negotiation process, but
10:21 pm
a couple hours after this went down, smith comes out and had some strong words to play about the owners. >> seems like the players union were a lot more upset than the owners. >> now everybody has to wait and see as we go through the next part of this process. >> a lot of sunday widows for football. >> weapon got to get this resolved -- we got to get this resolved. >> here we go. shawn? another big story tonight, the effort to make same sex marriage legal in maryland has failed. about 2 1/2 hours of debate today. the chairman of the judiciary committee surprised the chamber by sending the bill back to committee. the sponsors of the legislation counted the votes, realized they did not have enough to pass it this session. lawmakers from both sides of the debate made emotional pleas. >> i'm voting green today because i want a family that is recognized in law. >> one of the things i've learned from my colleagues in judiciary is that the law walks.
10:22 pm
it doesn't run. you need to take it a step at a time. >> the house speaker says they will tackle this issue again next year. in wisconsin a bitter defeat for unions after weeks of emotional protests. today governor scott walker says he has no doubt support for this measure will grow over time. he privately signed a bill today that removes nearly all collective bargaining rights from the states' employees. the measure passed thursday. democratic senators left the state to avoid voting on this bill, but the state senate made a surprise move wednesday allowing them to vote without any democrats present. today is the day apple fans have been waiting for. the ipad 2 made its debut this afternoon. we saw long lines outside the georgetown store, the apple employees in our usual come on in. fans waited for hours today. i got an up close look at one tonight, got my hands on. it we're going to check it out, the in's, the out's on the other side. 
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we're down in the web center now and apple is the
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industry leader when it comes to string ago long its fans from model -- stringing along its fans from model to model and i have in my hot little hands the ipad 2. they've successfully strung us along once again. rod guerrero with the washington post, good to see you. >> you, too. >> this is yours. i'll hand it over to you. tell me the big differences. initially the broad strokes, two cameras and a faster processor. >> exactly. there's a camera right here for your face time video calling. there's another one on the back if you want to show whoever you're calling what you're looking at. it's thinner than before, faster processor. >> here's the ipad 2 or the original ipad. >> the ipad 1 in apple's a case for it. >> it's heavier. >> it's about the same thing as before there. >> what is your sense of whether or not this is worth the wait and worth people upgrading from this to that? >> i would say maybe if you
10:27 pm
were one of those people waiting 300 deep online today. i'm not sure it's quite that good. it does seem a good upgrade. adding video calling is a good idea. >> what about the cameras, though? are they any good? i heard they're about as good as the ipod touch. >> remember how your first phone camera was, you could take a picture you'd really needed to but it wouldn't be something you would want to frame. >> the iphone 4 has a fantastic camera. >> the theory earlier today was obviously there's going to be the really good high resolution camera the ipad 3. >> right. so they're stringing us along again. >> we can't rule it out. >> what about the a5 processor, have you played with it enough to see if it really makes a difference? >> not really. there's an app called garage band and one called imovie which if you own a mac, you're familiar with these. these you either can't run or they run very showily on the
10:28 pm
original one. it's going -- slowly on the original one. it's going to be very interesting to see what other developers write. that's a wait for six months from now feet. >> when we wait six months -- feature. >> when we wait six months, the ipad 3 will probably be available? >> i hope not. >> bottom line, do you recommend it initially or do you say maybe not worth the upgrade? >> depends what kind of price you would get for your first ipad. >> right. $500 for that the minimum. >> yes. 499. this is the 183g model. this is the 829 version. >> i'll go ahead and take it home. thanks very much for standing in line for me. back upstairs. >> hope you get me one, too, brian. the internet is playing a vital role in the disaster in japan. up next we take a closer look at the databases and people finers that pops up within hours of this quake. -- finders that pops up within hours of this quake, also the social media response. 
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you're watching fox 5 news
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at 10:00. >> it's now 12:30 in the afternoon in japan and residents are still picking up the pieces in the wake of yesterday's devastating earthquake. the magnitude 8.9 quake triggered a massive tsunami and several terrifying aftershocks. hundreds are now dead. hundreds more are still missing. the big concern now is two nuclear power plants that are having massive problems with their cooling systems. people as far as 16 miles away are being told to evacuate. from the moment the quake hit followed by the tsunami rolling in people were on twitter, posting on facebook and capturing video and pictures with their camera providing all of us instant access to what everyone was going through there. fox 5's laura evans is in the web center with that part of the story. >> we've seen this happen before most recently with the earthquake in new zealand. we saw it with haiti, last year with the earthquake in january of last year. when people are in the middle of a natural disaster, they're going on to twitter and facebook posting updates on the situation, what they're involved in and a lot of that
10:33 pm
information is gathered, people are able to get realtime updates on what is happening in a natural disaster and fox 5 is going to help you bring this to you in just one spot. let's give you a little tour of our website and some of the tools we have available to us and to you. first on our main homepage you'll see a hot topics bar that comes up immediately. you click on that hot topics bar and that will bring up three pages of stories involving the earthquake and the tsunami in japan. you see here daylight revealing destruction. what's happening in california where the man died after photographing the tsunami there. the local efforts, the fairfax county search and rescue team headed to japan. if you go down a bit further, there's a photo gallery. pop that up and several pictures will come up, dozens of pictures really. you see what's happening inside of a business there as the tsunami comes in, some of the fire aftermath, the collapse of some of the buildings there,
10:34 pm
just devastating pictures of the aftermath, really gives you a sense for what they're dealing with there. further down you'll find videos, youtube videos that have been posted, which will again give you more of an up close look at what these people witnessed the moment mother nature unleashed her fury. if you go back to the main japan earthquake page to the right, you see a twitter page. this is constantly updating. if you click on one of these hatch tags, say japan, for instance. that brings up the realtime feed for what people are saying about the situation, what's going on there and finally a really fascinating tool we have here on is the person finder. this was set up by google and we provide a link here. if you click on looking for somebody. say, for instance, you're looking for a man name ron. we found that person who popped up, ron galbrave and when you click on his -- a lot of people
10:35 pm
are posting pictures here and information. his family posted information about him, middle aged white male. you go down a bit here, you see updated posts. we're looking for you. we want you to call us and at the very bottom we reveal to read i just heard from this person, everything is a mess, but he's okay. he was able to call us. good news with that situation. there are other obviously names that popped up the news not so good. anyway, one stop shopping for all information that is constantly coming in very quickly. back up to you in the studio. a bizarre tragedy in an ironic twist. japan is actually driving down the cost of oil around the world. japan is the third largest oil importer and the disaster is expected to slow that nation's demand. today prices dropped below $100 per barrel for the first time in more than a week. prices closed about $101 per barrel. the decrease might not last and
10:36 pm
with gas approaching the $4 mark president obama said he will tap the oil reserve, if necessary. come in congress have claimed prices are already high enough to do that. today the president called for other changes in policy to combat the high prices. >> the hard truth is that as long as our economy depends on foreign oil, we'll always be subject to price spikes. so we've got to get moving on a comprehensive energy strategy that pursues both more energy production and more energy conservation. >> aaa reports the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded right now, $3.54. to maryland now where hundreds of people claimed toxins at fort detrick gave them cancer. now they're taking a big step in their fight against the u.s. army. we'll break down what this means for the explosive case next. but first a whole new database of consumer complaints is online. neil cavuto has your business report. >> oil prices falling as japan
10:37 pm
is dealing with that massive earthquake, a barrel of crude down over $1.50 after an 8.9 magnitude earthquake rocked japan. japan is the world's third largest oil consumer. japanese stock market also sharply selling off after the earthquake hit dropping about 2%. stocks in america going the other way, the dow up 59 point. meantime shoppers are shaking off these higher gas prices of late. retail sales posting their largest gain since last october and sales of cars and clothes were leading the way. people lining up to take a bite out of the new apple ipad 2, the second generation of the tablet hitting stores on friday. the first ipad sold 300,000 units on its debut day and the federal government making thousands of consumer complaints public today on the new database allows consumers to post product defects. companies will have 10 days to respond. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. 
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 this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. 
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hundreds of people who claim they've developed cancer or have a loved one who has died of cancer as a result of toxins released from fort detrick in maryland are now taking the first step in suing the u.s. army. a group that supports this cancer victims' organizer joins us tonight. how many people are now filing these claims? >> today was the first response we received from the army. so far we have over 200 claimants that have filed claims. we have 1,100 victims that are on record today and the army has received the first responses, i believe about 42
10:42 pm
at this point. >> are you expecting more people to join in this suit? >> we are. we expect the majority of the people that we have on record right now. all of them have taken the claim forms. all of them have been completing them. there's a lot of documentation that's required before they can submit them, so they're working on that right now. >> what happens next after all of these claims are filed? >> after they're filed the government has a time period that they have to get back to the respondents to the claimants and then after they've received a response the next step would be either for them to accept the claim or to deny the claim and then we move from there. >> so what happens if the army rejects the claims filed against them? >> if they reject them, then we would take them to the next step. right now we're working with the maryland state senate to pass legislation that would actually help compensate these families and their victims and we're also asking for
10:43 pm
congressional hearings. >> the next step if the army rejects would be filing a class action lawsuit? >> yes. >> rachel kelly, thanks so much for sharing about the future of how things are moving up there at fort detrick. >> thank you. another big step in congresswoman gabrielle giffords' recovery. she's now walking and talking in complete sentences just two months after she was shot in the head. doctors at the houston hospital treating the arizona representative gave an update on her condition today. they say they've removed her breathing tube, which is a huge medical achievement. they also say she has no memory of being shot. >> i'm very happy tolter that she is making -- to report that she is making leaps and bones in term of neurological recovery. what -- bounds in terms of neurological rove. what we are very interested in what we are very interested in is several levels, first how is she doing from a cognitive level. her memory is good, her personality. she is doing spectacularly well. >> doctors say she is doing so
10:44 pm
well that there's a good chance giffords will be able to attend her husband's space shuttle launch set for april 19th. coming up on the news edge at 11:00, d.c. tens of millions of dollars in the red, but some city employees working for the mayor making more than some of the president's closest advisors. we'll have the list you'll want to hear. and google is giving you more control over your searches. the edge on changing the way you look up websites will save you some time. in the acc basketball tourney quarterfinals duke once again bests maryland 87-71, all the action tonight on the news edge at 11:00. you've got a strawberry pop-tart, but i've got a warm, fresh baked strawberry toaertrudel.
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tonight for the first time ever we're hearing the secure communications between secret service agents on the duty -- on duty that day that president reagan was shot.
10:48 pm
the four minute radio talk shows just how quickly reagan deteriorated in the race down the avenue. >> john hinckley fires his pistol, a secret service agent transmits the news over the radio. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> reporter: no more than 16 seconds later with the president safely inside the armored limousine special agent in charge jerry parr radios reagan's condition. >> rawhide is okay. followup rawhide is okay. >> reporter: rawhide is the secret service codeword for president reagan. a few seconds later there's a request for direction. >> you want to go to the hospital or back to the white house? >> we're going to crown. >> okay. >> back to the white house. back to the white house. rawhide is okay. >> reporter: but by then jerry parr is beginning to realize president reagan is not okay. we talked to parr monday where
10:49 pm
the attempted assassination took place. >> maybe 30 seconds into the run. we were moving pretty fast then. he started spitting up this bright red frothy blood. >> reporter: that's when parr decided to change course. >> going through. >> going through. >> roger. we want to go to the emergency room of george washington. >> that's a roger. >> george washington fast. >> roger. >> reporter: as the motorcade reaches 7 teeth street and pennsylvania avenue, it makes a -- 17th street and pennsylvania avenue it makes a hard right turn for george washington university. parr gets back on the radio. >> get the ambulance. i mean get the stretcher out there. >> you copy? >> correct. we made the call. >> let's hustle. >> we left here at about 2:28, got there at 2:31 and nobody was out there even though we had called ahead of time. there was nobody out there. >> reporter: jerry parr says that's when president reagan
10:50 pm
got out of the limo, hitched up his pants and walked inside only to collapse seconds later. the end of this month marks the 30th anniversary of the shooting. the secret service says it released the tape as well as other documents as part of a freedom of information act request, something filed by the author of a new book on the shooting titled rawhide down. >> you can listen to the full recording of the secret services communications on while you're there check out paul's other stories with the agent who was by president reagan a's side throughout the entire ordeal and the doctor who helped save the president's life. >> well, gary, your job seems pretty easy right about now. >> oh, you think? you want to trade? >> no. no. i'm just saying. >> how about yesterday? you want to trade yesterday? >> you got a nice weekend. >> it's not perfectly sunny, by
10:51 pm
any means, but we'll see enough sunshine to help get temperatures up close to 60, if not above 60 degrees. did you step out and enjoy it a little bit this evening? >> it was nice. >> there you go. we still have a few clouds. it's mostly cloudy, but we are beginning to see some clearing now come up from the south. eventually that will overtake the entire raji onovernight tonight. i think we'll still have some clouds from time to time this weekend, but it is looking pretty nice. in terms of temperatures right now not too bad, 42 in the city. i think we have room to fall, though, especially once the skies clear overnight tonight. up in frederick it's 39, manassas 39, baltimore 41, annapolis by the bay 43. i hope that water, some of that flooding you had yesterday is beginning to recede now. as we go farther back up to the northwest, there is some colder air up here. it is not going to do much for us. it stays up there until sunday
10:52 pm
and when it finally drifts on down our way, it will cool things off a little bit st real nice for both days this weekend. i'll prove it to you. 60 tomorrow and 58 sunday. i think more clouds tomorrow than what we'll have sunday, but it still will be cooler on sunday, a dry front coming through tomorrow night, but tomorrow looks good and the temperatures will be mild and the winds will be a little breezy coming up out of the west, southwest tomorrow at about 5 to 15 miles per hour. here's what we've been contending with this evening. you see the clouds here. there's still a little upper level energy to the north of us creating some snow and the colder air. it tried to mix down here for our western counties and northwestern counties. washington county,ing aerstown up to frederick county and over to carroll county -- county, hagerstown up to frederick county and over to carroll county. you may have seen a raindrop here and there, but that's out of here now and the skies are
10:53 pm
breaking up primarily to the south of us. that clearing will take place later tonight for everybody. one little system here, this is a clipper-type system, coming on down. it will come through late tomorrow and be dry, but again it will bring down slightly cooler temperatures and then we have to watch something down to the south late in the weekend and early next week. right now it looked like it will stay south of us. so we'll keep our five-day forecast mainly dry. chilly lows tonight, once the clouds break up down to about 37 here in town. colder out in the suburbs. i think by tomorrow morning early some places out in the suburbs may be flirting with freezing and might even be a little bit below that. winds will stay about 5 to 10. a cool start, 43 degrees, limited sunshine for part of the day tomorrow, but we should have enough sun to bring those temperatures up into the upper 50s to right around 60 and it looks like late in the afternoon the breeze will be up a little bit. we may approach 20 mile-per- hour wind gusts tomorrow
10:54 pm
afternoon. here's the setup for tomorrow evening at 8:00. notice the front back to the west of us. this is primarily a dry front for us. you can see a few showers around it up to the north into pennsylvania tomorrow evening, but it looks like it will probably just come through here, a little fanfare. there's a little cooling behind that front but not a lot and then sunday we're talking more sunshine here and temperatures just a little bit cooler, but notice back here out into the tennessee valley we begin to see a little rain. there's a wave of low pressure there. most of the models the guidance suggesting that will stay well to the south of us on monday. so at least for now we'll keep monday driveway and hope that little wave will stay right along this frontal system and stay far enough down to the south where it's not going to affect us much at all. enjoy the weekend, 60 tomorrow again with kind of a hit or miss clouds and sun. remember spring forward tomorrow night and then on sunday it's 58 degrees, so a
10:55 pm
little cooler there, a little cooler still on monday, 52 and again if you can keep that wave on monday down to the south of us, we'll have plenty of sunshine. we won't have to deal with clouds or a chance for some showers. tuesday looks dry, too 53 and next substantial chance for rain will be wednesday and still looking towards at least some 60s latter part of next week. >> sounds good. you forgot to mention spring forward. >> i said spring forward. >> but you forgot the batteries. >> the batteries in your smoke detectors, too much that's the one i always forget. i'm trying to actually remind myself. >> good advice. thank you. coming up next the lapd searches charlie sheen's house. we all know he's prone to bizarre rants. so what did he say about this raid? find out how google is giving you more control over your searches. the news edge at 11:00 kicks off in minute. hang tight. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers.
10:56 pm
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apparently no hard feelings from charlie sheen towards the lapd. officers searched his home for guns after his estranged wife filed a restraining order against him. that's standard procedure. they did find an antique gun. it's not clear, though, the weapon is actually a violation. police say sheen was cooperative. sheen sent out a tweet saying lapd were awesome, absolute pros. he and his estranged wife say they've reached a custody agreement which now ends pursuit of that restraining order. mel gibson pled no contest to a misdemeanor spousal battery charge stemming from a fight with his ex-girl friend last january. the mother of gibson's youngest daughter claims the actor beat her at his malibu home sparking a lengthy investigation and custody battle. a judge sentenced gibson to three years probation and a year of domestic violence counseling. the news keeps coming. here's brian now with


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